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The Flask At Hand Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

On this episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast we taste and review the popular and easy to find Kirkland Signature 7 Year old bourbon. This is the Costco brand Tennessee whiskey and turns out to be pretty good, listen for the full review. After the whiskey we have another fun random facts, things and stuff episode where we find interesting individual topics and keep it light and funny. We dive into a fascinating real life treasure hunt that has been ongoing for the last 38 years. The puzzle book "The Secret" a treasure hunt by Byron Preiss was published in 1982 and held 12 poems and 12 illustrations that when deciphered correctly will lead you to a true buried treasure somewhere in North America. There are still 9 hidden boxes buried in 1982 left to find today if you're smart enough to break the code! Next we find out whether or not we have more than one moon and learn some must know facts about the big round rock we all live on (Earth). After a quick discussion about music including some fine recommendations we get into the story of the dragon, myth or real? The Dodo Bird extinction may have some answers to why humans believe such stories are myths when they are actually very real and true history. Sip, listen, learn and laugh with us! Thanks for listening. Cheers!


The whiskey:

Costco Kirkland Signature Premium small batch Bourbon 7 years old


Where we go our info:

"The Secret, A Treasure Hunt":

click here to see the paintings/illustrations:

Earth facts:,planets%20in%20the%20solar%20system.


Music recommendations: