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The Flask At Hand Podcast

Dec 18, 2021

On this episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast we attempt to re-record a long lost episode from this time last year that was completely erased at the time of recording due to a computer program crash. So, with special guests Alex and Lacey we successfully create this awesome episode about the infamous warren Jeffs and the Cult of the Fundamentalist Latter day Saints. This off shoot "religion" from the general Mormon belief is shrouded in polygamy, money, rape, deceit and human atrocity. Through all of the wonderful information brought to us by Lacey humor still abounds as we also de-rail a few times and argue about video games and more. Join us on the informative yet hilarious rollercoaster ride of a show. Sip, listen and laugh with us. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the show. Cheers!