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The Flask At Hand Podcast

Jul 8, 2021

On this episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast we are excited to taste and review the rare and.... expensive Blanton's Kentucky Straight Bourbon for the first time. And what a whiskey it is, WOW. Tonight's topic is a fun one. Secret government programs, alien technology, other worldly space craft and the man that claims to have worked on and observed them. Tonight we talk about bob Lazar. In 1989 a man named "Dennis" went on national TV to tell the world about a project he worked on at a secret US government facility in the Nevada desert. Shortly after this his identity became known, Bob Lazar was the biggest name in the country in 1989, becoming a cornerstone for the UFO and conspiracy world. This was the beginning of the Area 51 craze. Was he for real or full of sh*t? We will go over some of the facts and some of the not so facts and try to figure out whether Bob Lazar is telling the truth or just another UFO nut looking for attention.

P.S. We are UFO nuts

The Whiskey:

Where We Got Our Info: