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The Flask At Hand Podcast

Oct 16, 2021

On this episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast we deep dive into the quietest places on earth. What can these places do to the physical body, what can they do to your psyche? Can sound kill you? Can silence drive you mad? Tonight we answer these questions and much more. Our whisky tonight is Scotston 12 year old highland single malt scotch from the birth place of Alexander Murray. With special guest Aaron from AMH Custom Craft we reveal the winner of our raffle and just have a blast talking about this truly mind bending topic. Sip, listen, learn and laugh with us. Thanks for listening. Cheers!

The Whisky:

Scotston 12 year old Highland scotch whisky

Where we got our info:,Olympic%20National%20Park%20Is%20Home%20to%20the%20Quietest%20Spot%20in,one%20square%20inch%20of%20silence.%22&text=The%20Hoh%20River%20valley%20in,a%20strange%20and%20beautiful%20place.