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The Flask At Hand Podcast

Apr 23, 2022

On this episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast we once again return to our random facts, things and stuffs episode platform. Our whiskey tonight is Benjamin's Bourbon from local distillery Valley Shine in Mount Vernon, WA just a few miles down the road from us! The glasses we're pouring this tasty bourbon in come from...

Apr 9, 2022

How did hosts Aaron, Lindsey and Jake meet? Our guest and friend Laura inquires on this question. From best friends to Bumble adventures. Enjoy this hilarious Bonus episode!

Apr 9, 2022

Tonight on The Flask At Hand Podcast we welcome friends Chance and Laura to the show as we we discuss the Uncanny Valley and the science of being creeped out by near human objects and then move into neurites or heart neurons. Yes, that's right, the heart contains neurons that can possibly hold memories as studies...